Gas Station Ganja is Legal & other Post for April

Gas Station Ganja is Legal & available on Amazon Kindle

Enjoy my published EBook, a  “witty and fun” short story with it’s “ironic humor.”

Gas Station Ganja

Gas Station Ganja

Phonograph Flash Fiction has a “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”: Our Warped Nabors, Belle Vernon—1980

Featured Book Review: Four fascinating crime novels. Stephen King to Micky Spillane from Hard Case Crime Books


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March’s Monthly Review of Post for the Monthly Review

Featured Flash Fiction Series, The Late Aquarian: A Seven Part Minute Series.      Set in 1983, this coming of age story is about a group of cafeteria workers who make a lasting impression on a sixth grade student named, Topher. The Late Aquarian

SPAIN! Enjoy the Hot Chocolate Challenge with travel writer, Christan Gato. In the Lanes of the World: Barcelona to Salamanca, Spain.

A Day in the Life of Lenny Marcher. Mass Transit Miami-El Teatro is a collection of compelling stories  about people using public transportation in Miami. A “Chip” off the Old Block.

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Retrospect of Featured February Post

Orange Postman Monthly Review

A Convenient Collapse Oliver R. Tivoli story about a man denying his depression.

“Man driving gets whacked by waterfowl,” in this funny anecdote: DUCK!

Featured Book Review: B.S. Johnson, The UnfortunatesThe Unfortunates is a great novel in respect to literature and its artistic attributes of physical layout.

Al Pacino portrayed John Wojtowicz in the 1975 movie DOG DAY AFTEROON, three years after John and his partner Salvatore Naturale entered the bank, taking hostages with John’s ideal outcome. Featured Documentary Review: The Dog.

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A Super Bowl of Stories for January

Orange Postman’s Monthly Review:

Jack and the Snow Ball – A funny story about a boy who imagines he’s talking to Jack Lambert, also known as,  #58 of the Pittsburg Steelers. Flash Fiction

Orange Postman Gazette –  Op Ed: Freedom from Fear – A perspective about the Paris attacks and liberties at large  By Errol D’Mint

What is in the oven? Find out in: SOCKS IN THE OVEN  a post from Orange Anecdotal Slices

Plimpton! Documentary Review about George Plimpton


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Happy New Year! Enjoy the Orange Postman’s Monthly Review

The Christmas Gift-Card Crawl (The First and Very Last)

Phonograph Flash Fiction: “So this is Christmas”

Featured Documentary Review No No: A DOCKUMENTARY

Book Review: Poetry by Jim Morrison

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Take a Short Break from Holiday Shopping w/ Flash Fiction Stories

Enjoy a review of November’s Flash Fiction

Holiday Humor: Nathaniel’s Writing Weight Loss Program

Childhood Memories: The Little Rat of Thanksgiving

Musically Inspired: Phonograph Flash Fiction

Book Review: Julio Cortazar – Hopscotch

Political Humor by Errol D’Mint: Vote, Vote, Libre, Libre

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The Little Rat of Thanksgiving

Who is ‘The Little Rat’ eating the pies?

Click here for a funny holiday story:

New Orange Anecdotal Slices ..Enjoy!

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